Hao Sun - MMJ

Hao is a journalist, cinenik, and baking enthusiast based in Beijing, China. She particularly enjoys combining the art of storytelling with multimedia.

In 2015, she went to the United States and begin her overseas study in Indiana University Bloomington with a B.A. in journalism, concentration in news broadcasting. Hao used to be the reporter and anchor for IU Newsnet where she product the news packages, shooting and editing b-rolls, and anchor in the studio. Also, Hao served as the reporter for WIUX 99.1 FM where she is responsible for the press releases and interview. 

In 2019 fall, Hao chose to started her graduate degree at Boston University and insisted on studying journalism. Here, she took the advantages of every available moment to research and network. 

Hao look forward to a lifetime of telling stories and engaging readers through the camera.